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The essence of flight is not a bird, not a plane…

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The first quarter of 2018 marks my first swipe at designing and installing a suspended artwork.  My sculptural works are typically very heavy, this one is frighteningly light.  So light that I can’t seem to override the sensation that I am building it upside down.  With stone, steel, glass, and concrete, the pull of gravity is ever present.  Suddenly, I am free to drift, to float, to hang.

This project begins with a great client with a deep curiosity about the natural world, the changing of seasons, the underpinnings of life as we know it.  A “murmuration” is characterized by a few salient definitions: words uttered but not decipherable, a low and rhythmic hum, and a flock of starlings changing directions in the air.

To me, a murmuration is anything that is fleeting, compelling, well organized, and seems to exist just beyond our grasp.

The concept began with an investigation of flight.

This led us to thinking about vectors as small parts of a larger body.

Once we found a vector we liked, I made 84 more of them.  A murmuration of vectors.

This remains suspended from wires strung between walls in the studio.

Calling on the expertise of project partners, 3Form Light Art, we will prototype the vectors in various patterns and orientations to decide on which ones will be become part of the finished artwork.

I can’t wait to see where we land.


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