VMG : Velocity Made Good - Perri Howard

Pattern Research

I am forging a concept for a new public artwork located at an airport.  I have been looking at pedestrian flow, migrations, and murmurations for which i've started a pinterest board. I have begun tracing people, [...]

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By Degrees

Here are some process shots for "By Degrees," a temporary artwork for the "MadCampus" exhibition.  Built with the able assistance of four School of Art undergraduates, the exhibition will open on September 13th at the [...]

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Project HomePoem

ARTISTS/WRITERS APPLY HERE ABOUT THE PROJECT SITE “Home is not just the place where you were born, but the place where you become yourself”           - Pico Iyer Concept Project HomePoem is a [...]

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aids to navigation

The Office of Arts & Culture has launched two magnificent tools to help locals and visitors connect with public art in the downtown core.   The Map and Guide to Public Art partitions Downtown Seattle into [...]

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