VMG : Velocity Made Good - Perri Howard

Pattern Research

I am forging a concept for a new public artwork located at an airport.  I have been looking at pedestrian flow, migrations, and murmurations for which i've started a pinterest board. I have begun tracing people, [...]

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To Uninstall

hope you enjoy this time-lapse featuring the deinstallation of "pretty vacant".  as we chipped and peeled and picked the little shreds of vinyl from the windows, i had plenty of time to say "good bye" [...]

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please join us this friday, 01 nov, 6-8p for the opening of "departures"  at johnston architects in fremont.  these paintings and sculptures are inspired by the natural world and the nature of flight.  click here [...]

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Greenfire Eco-Muzak

This week is all about installing sound art in elevators.  The elevators are located at the Greenfire Campus in Ballard.  In concert with the eco-forward design by Johnston Architects, visitors and residents will be greeted [...]

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