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It starts with a sketch

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whether i’m working on a painting, a sculpture, or sound art, it all starts with a sketch.  my sketchbook is a place for the open transference of ideas from the mind to the paper. this is the headwaters from which the river of thoughts, lines, shapes, and patterns flow freely. the only consequence of “mistakes” are improvements, and new directions.  it’s where each project gets launched and explored.


my sketchbook has it’s own voice and inner formation. it has it’s own sense of scale, where a six-inch scribble becomes a hundred-foot fence.  a tiny phrase stands as an index card for my brain. one word launches a hundred drawings. there are places within the sketchbook where i’ve left ideas that i’ve yet to explore, but touched the edge of and kept moving on. i draw (virtually) every day. it is the place i return to, again and again without retracing my steps.