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Radio Truths

Radio Truths2018-02-15T10:16:51-08:00

Site: Northwest Film Forum – Seattle, WA
Size: 19 Images of various sizes
Materials: Chalk on Blackboard
Status: Completed October 2004
Exhibition: “Release and Capture”- Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
“Radio Truths” features text harvested from news broadcasts. On a daily basis, I transcribe the first phrase that catches my attention when the car radio clicks on. This practice documents the moment, each morning, when I first begin listening. The resulting compendium releases phrases from the flatland of our grey, miserable, national news.

Mundane events become epic sagas. A momentary impression becomes a universal truth. A small town happening becomes a myth for all time. The images are my mind’s eye view of what is heard. The audio recording is handwriting on blackboard. The surface is unfixed. Like the news itself, nothing is permanent.

Please click on the > below to listen to the audio for this project.

radio truths