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Floating Datum: Widespread Residence

Floating Datum: Widespread Residence2018-02-15T10:16:15-08:00

Site: Camp Long, Seattle, WA – Arts In Nature Festival
Size: 17’L x 11’W x 9’H Camping Cabin
Materials: Stone, Sand, Survey flags, Astroturf, Earth, Weeds
Client: Nature Consortium – Seattle, WA
Status: Completed – August 2005

Audio recordings from local environments are interwoven with sounds from the Indian Subcontinent to convey the basic human need to explore. The familiar and the exotic are interwoven through gridded tableaus, artifacts, and mythic tales to form a sensory landscape between two worlds.

Please click on the arrow below to hear an audio sample from the installation.

Floating Datum: Widespread Residents