VMG : Velocity Made Good - Perri Howard

Boxing The Compass

Boxing The Compass2018-02-15T10:14:56-08:00

Site: Elon University/Cornish College of the Arts

Size: 12’H x 12’W x 12’D

Materials: Recycled Wood, Audio


“Boxing the compass” is the action of naming all thirty-two principal points of the compass in clockwise order. Also used as naval slang to describe a ship that has lost its rudder or with no one at the helm, slowly circling in a “directionless” manner.

In this installation, each box represents one heading. Audio recordings feature the sounds of lapping waves and the voices of 32 people reciting all points of the compass. Navigation is presented as a multi-layered process, ultimately rooted in our own perceptions.

Boxing the Compass