VMG : Velocity Made Good - Perri Howard

Floating Datum: Fixed Grid

Floating Datum: Fixed Grid2018-02-15T10:03:28-08:00

Year 2005 Dimensions 10’H X 60’W X 60’W

Medium Spinnaker cloth, Aluminum Supports, PVC Pipe

Commissioning Agency Curated by Kristin Tollefson for “Co-location”

Project Site Pritchard Park, Bainbridge Island, WA

Utilizes 100{6e4db69ac373ef77df8229e07872c873b7c66b52b0df07f77caadd0a0912bfbc} recycled materials. Located at reclaimed Superfund site and former creosote factory. Designed to welcome the community back to a section of beach previously closed due to high toxicity. Poles reflect our tendency to map and monitor. Wind sensors remind us to look and feel. This installation creates an interstitial relationship between the natural rhythms of Pritchard Park and mankind’s systematic tendencies towards land use. Lead artist, with cooperation from the Environmental Protection Agency and Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council. Installed for three months.

Read the exhibition review in The Seattle Times.
“Lynch’s piece is the most ambitious in scale and concept, rigorous and wonderfully successful. Sited on the beach area, Lynch’s grid of industrial-height plastic tubes resonates with the verticality of the forest and with the masts of boats in the nearby marina. Topped with white flags, the regimented poles echo gravestones and reflect a sense of loss. On the gravel foundation, briar flowers offer a token of grace. Wander amid this forest of tubes and listen to the wind blowing through — an artistic cry for balance longs to be heard.” – Lucia Enriquez, The Seattle Times