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A Flying Start

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Once in a while, the opportunity presents itself to work with an individual or couple to create a painting on commission for their home.  These commissions are collaborations in the truest sense. We work together to brainstorm ideas about incorporating specific maps, textures, colors, and other artifacts that evoke memories, identities, and treasured places.  It is a personalized approach to the work I regularly create in the studio.  And it’s great fun!

  “A Flying Start” was one of these rare and wonderful opportunities.  Working with Hannah and Bob Cordes, we brainstormed some ideas around how to create a painting for their sweet turn-of-the-century charmer here in Twisp, WA.

Hannah and Bob are pilots, so we have a lot of shared enthusiasm around flying.  Also, Hannah has deep connections to Cape Cod, and this we shared, too. Bob grew up in Southern California, where wind, waves, and blue sky days became imprinted on his memories of childhood. 

Bob provided old sectional charts of the Cape with soft blues and endearing type-set place names, not the digitized graphics that are used now. This beautiful chart became collaged into the “east” side of the painting.

Hannah learned how to fly here in Twisp, where the couple keep their Cessna hangared, so the sectional for the area around the Methow Valley occupies the “west” edge of the work.  The two charts bookend abstract colors and textures that are evocative of the sea and sky, with the shadow of a plane flying overhead.

The phrase “A flying start” speaks to the beginning moments of an endeavor characterized by vigor, optimism, and enthusiasm.  It also refers to starting something with great momentum.  I chose this title for the work because I am continually inspired by Hannah and Bob’s good-natured optimism and enthusiasm for life.

I hope this work speaks to the warmth and comfort of home combined with a spirit of adventure.  Thank you, Hannah and Bob, for the opportunity to create together!

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