Stones and Bones (and Poems and Thrones)

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what does it take to design a meaningful, enduring memorial artwork?  This is the question of the moment, as i embark on designing one.  some thoughts:

fire fence chairthe memorial will function as both an object in space and a moment in time.
the memorial is not designed to capture emotion, but to set it free.
the memorial ensures that the fallen don’t fall into obscurity.
to acknowledge a hero is to acknowledge a crisis.
memorializing is not a repurposing of memory.

there are memorials that look peaceful and memorials that look painful.  ones that are representational and ones that are abstract.  some are just words.

i am amazed by the power of communities that arise from difficulty, but what is the visual language of loss? from adam gopnik’s recent piece in the new yorker, “Stones and Bones”:

“When you’re arguing with a monument, you’re talking to a wall. You’re beating your fist against it, and it hurts. It’s meant to.”
is a memorial meant to hurt?



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