Firestation 72 Perri Howard VMG

2011 “Fire Station #72 Public Art Reflects Environmental Theme”
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Moment to Moment

Moment 2 Moment, Perri Howard VMG

2011  “Local Artist Designs Stone and Glass Sculpture for New Fire Station #21”
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Fulbright South India

AP Gate, Perri Howard VMG

2009  “Chasting Rhythms, Catching Hold” by Priya Sundaravalli – Auroville Today
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Straight Shot

Straightshot, Perri Howard VMG

2010 “Seattle’s Public Art:  Perri Lynch ‘Straight Shot’ ”
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 2007  “Art Shot Straight Through the Park” by Richard Seven – Seattle Times, May 30, 2007
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2007 “Aimed at the Public” by Charlene Peters – Marblehead Reporter, August 2, 2007
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2007 “The Surveying Inspired Art of Perri Lynch” by Gavin Schrock – American Surveyor, November, 2007
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Precisely Known Completely Lost


2003  “As Above, So Below” by Chris Delaurenti – The Stranger, Oct 2003
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Seattle Phonographers Union

Phonographers, Perri Howard VMG

“More free-form and easy-flowing than musique concrete, much more concrete than experimental electronica, this music speaks to the mind and the soul, as some of these sounds are very familiar, but their combinations evoke surreal situations. Since there are too many details, too many events to possibly absorb and remember everything in one sitting, each listen provides a different experience. And even people usually closed to avant-garde music will be able to sense the poetry and the immediacy of this album. Highly recommended as a key statement in the development of “field recording” or “phonography” as a form of sound art.”
– Franois Couture, All Music Guide

“Presented in its entirety, their set on Sonarchy Radio, a weekly hour-long show devoted to new music…is a work of gentle concentration. The resultant interplay between the various ‘captures’ displays an agreeable subtlety and sensitivity in its shifts of focus and range. Impossible to reduce to any kind of linear development or narrative, it reveals a bustling acoustic realm existing just outside our senses that deserves to be attended to.”
– Ken Hollings, The Wire