My artistic expression has, since the beginning, involved the relationship between human perception and sense of place.  I love that people understand the world as a place of order, even when that order is compromised in the face of storm events, dropped signals, navigational lapses, and missed connections.  Even when chaos presents, there is always an underlying grid, a place into which we all drop a pin, every day of our lives, to stake out a map, a direction, a sense of belonging.  We gravitate towards that last known location, a point on the horizon, our nearest friend.

From the genesis of the early artworks in painting and printmaking, my practice has grown to incorporate sound, sculpture, and immersive environments.  The paintings and prints are multi-layered, committing real places, imaginary landscapes, and perspectival lines as one seamless whole. Diurnal patterning of light and tides, wind vectors, cairns, monuments, and markers all figure significantly in the two-dimensional works, relating to the “there-ness” of everything.

I have most recently become fascinated with mapping the shapes of clouds, the geodesy of polar motion, and the essence of flight.  This has led to fine-grained examinations of architecture, and the “space between,” where people engage with open space, and with each other as they move through vast expanses and intricate terrain.
sound boardSound is an intensely engaging, yet often overlooked, component of landscape and space. Over time I awakened to this spatial force, and have integrated audio components with installation artworks, creating immersive environments that work in concert with the outside world.

My current projects incorporate drawing, writing, painting, sculpture, and sound.  These works are concept driven and not characterized by one, signature media.  I strive for social engagement, drawing attention to the subtle process of deciding where to go from here. My intention is to reveal the vast possibilities in front of us all.

Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts,  I received my BA from The Evergreen State College, BFA from the University of Washington, and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2001).  In addition to my studio practice and public artworks, I perform with the Seattle Phonographers Union and have served as a visiting artist at many colleges and universities.  I am civically engaged as Vice-chair of the Seattle Arts Commission.  And have completed work on location as a Fulbright Scholar in South India, Covas Do Rio Portugal, the Mamori Region of Amazonia, and Civita Di Bagnoregio, Italy.

Perri Howard Resume

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